Our philosophy is that every meal should be an experience

At Elisefarm we work with fresh ingredients adapted to the season. Of course, if you have children in your company, we arrange simpler dishes. Dinner is served in the orangery from 18.00 every night of the week. In the evenings we only have the opportunity to receive pre-booked guests, please book a table well in advance. Book reservations, call +46 (0) 413-330 70 or via email to info@elisefarm.se.

Chef’s á la carte



Tartar on tuna, mussels, chili and lime. Buttered mussel broth, fried sourdough and cress. SEK 120

White asparagus with spring onion cream, brick-smoked ham, parmesan, cherry tomato and browned butter. SEK 120

Main courses


Swedish roast beef with ramson- and beefemulsion, baked plum tomato, red wine sauce and broccolini. SEK 265

Fried trout from Sirdalen with green asparagus, roasted carrot cream, fried carrot, beurre blanc and catfish rum. SEK 255

Fresh linguine with tomato and ramson sauce, parmesan, green asparagus, roasted almond crisp and spring onion. SEK 225


Ice cream on coconut and lemon verbena with pistachio, salted caramel and lemon curd. SEK 120

Sour cream pannacotta with dark chocolate and yogurt sorbet, crispy chocolate and rhubarb consomme. SEK 120


Cancellation policy 

If your booking is not canceled 24 hours prior to reservation time the restaurant reserves the right to assign a no-show fee. Dinner reservations can only be canceled through email: please send your cancellation to info@elisefarm.se